Jur Gerasimos Fourlanos

International Legal Consultant

Doctor of Laws, Uppsala University, Sweden

Dr Gerassimos Fourlanos is a Greek/Swedish lawyer, a holder of a Doctorate in International Law from the University of Uppsala. His background includes legal practice in Greece and Sweden and more than 34 years of academic and professional experience under several legal systems and working environments.

Dr Fourlanos started his international professional career in 1985 as an employee of different UN agencies. In 2003 he became a Programme Manager with EU in Skopje, fYR Macedonia, in charge of the justice portfolio, which included 14 different projects. Since 2005 Dr Fourlanos is working as a consultant in justice- and legal reform projects, financed by EC, UN, the World Bank and other international donors. He has gained considerable experience in project- and programme design and management and has worked in Greece, Sweden, fYR Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Armenia and Malawi for various periods of time, ranging from a few weeks to several years.

The areas of Dr Fourlanos’ expertise include justice- and legal reform, governance, human rights, rule of Law, migration/asylum, Comparative- and International Law. He is well versed in project design and management, as well as conducting assessments, monitoring and training.

Having worked in the most diverse environments, Dr Fourlanos has acquired mastery in cross-cultural communication and a profoundly comparative perspective on jurisprudence. The latter leads almost automatically to a critical analysis of the Law from the point of view of lex ferenda, which is often missing today. Legislative drafting, in particular, but also training ought to benefit immensely from studying the Law de lege ferenda.